VIK PIGEON LODGE | Punta del Este - Uruguay


“High volume pigeons in the beautiful resort area of Punta del Este, Uruguay” ''After traveling all around the world and visiting in many resorts, Punta del Este is my favorite. This combined with some of the best high-volume pigeon hunting in the world make Vik Lodge a must visit for all wing shooters who want the challenge of these tough birds surrounded by the beautiful views of the punta del este hills” Nacho Portela BR Outfitters.-Situated in the midst of Uruguay’s largest population of pigeons, Punta del Este’s VIK LODGE is one of the best resorts in the world. The Country side and the beautiful beaches are a perfect combination for an elite hunting experience coupled with beautiful sightsee- ing.Punta del Este is a much loved and highly sought after beach resort town nestled on a scenic peninsula in the extreme southeast corner of Uruguay where the River Plate meets the Atlantic Ocean. People from all over the world come to enjoy Punta del Este’s natural beauty and vibrant nightlife. Luxury accommodations, short drives to the elds (40 min), and ock after ock of decoying pigeons will quickly have you hooked on wing-shooting in Punta in no time.


This is not pass shooting, but rather no limit, non-stop, decoying action. The incredible populations of wild Spot-winged and Picazuro pigeons provide one of the most spectacular wing-shooting opportunities in South America. The pigeon ights being just as the sun rises, and only increase in volume as the day progresses. It is not uncommon for one con dent shooter to take well over a hundred pigeons. Average of shooting consists in 15 boxes per day approximately. After the morning hunt, we will serve lunch BBQ “asados” in the eld and have dinner back at the lodge after the afternoon shoot.SPECIESPicazuro and spot winged pigeons are ower target in this mix bag program together with the challenge afternoon perdiz hunt. This hugh birds live in the pines and eucaliptus plantations in the hole peninsula and hills of Punta del Este area. During the month of february march april and may this birds attack the sorgum plantations doing a big damage to this productive crops , farmers are happy to have you shooting on this plantations.


A combination of cozy guestrooms and an exclusive personalized service guarantee a memorable stay. Each room is nely decorated, and from its balcony you will enjoy the magni cent view of woods, gardens and a swimming pool. Its modern and minimalist style, combined with elegant furniture made of ne materials and natural fabrics in pale shades, gives a sense of calmness in all of its rooms. All rooms are equipped with 29’’ at screen TVs, CD/DVD player and high speed Internet connection with available Wi-Fi. The attention to detail in each room with luxury in mind at every turn make VIK Lodge one of the nest available in Uruguay today.


For the rst time tourist in Punta del Este, there is an endless number of things to see and do. Punta del Este is a garden city where beautiful homes with unbelievable gardens with ora from around the world can be seen at almost every turn. Ample avenues and boulevards with unmatched cleanliness are all part of Punta Del Este’s charm. It’s no wonder this is one of the top resort destinations in all of the Americas.Other activities listed below are available either during or after the shooting trip:• Sightseeing (Uruguay is rich in culture and history.) • Festivals (Native celebrations, see links to the left) • Hiking (Pristine forests, dunes, and wildlife abound.) • Swimming (Beautiful sandy beaches!) • Sur ng, Wind Sur ng, and Body Sur ng (The Atlantic has never been so much fun.) • Boating (The many ports boast yachting clubs and facilities) • Horseback Riding (easy-riding and fun) • Polo lessons • Shopping (Wonderful antique bargains at ea markets!) • Gambling (Casinos open 24 hours a day) • Barbeques (A Uruguayan tradition) • Fishing (Fresh, salt water, and deep sea.) • Dancing (Dance until dawn - no "last call!") • Dining out (Uruguay boasts the BEST steaks in the world!) • Entertainment (Great shows, including TANGO shows!) • Sports (Polo, golf, tennis)


Punta Del Este is located in the east region of Uruguay in the state of Maldonado approximately 90 miles from the capital city Montevideo. Most commonly, shooters traveling on international ights to Montevideo International Airport will be met by a Black River representative who will assist with gun clearance, if necessary, and will transport the group to Punta del Este’s VIK Lodge. The drive is approximately 45 minutes via paved highway.Others transfers options: Privet Charter from Buenos Aires: guests arriving into Buenos Aires may charter to the Punta del Este Airport (50-minute ight) located approximately 20 minutes from the Hotel. Important: all charters need to be arranged time in advanced and cost may vary according to size group and fuel cost.